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finding nemo

Frogfish Finds Nemo

Everyone loves the movie “Finding Nemo,” but in real life, things can be a little more cutthroat than in an animated film.



What do you get when you merge Pointillism art and underwater video of Octopuses? OctoArt of course! This is a unique film in which the images of a coconut octopus comes to life.

ghost pipefish featured

Ghost Pipefish of Papua New Guinea

Ultra-sensitive to light with an ability to blend into the background, ghost pipefish are one of the most difficult ocean animals to film. Check out this short video on these beautiful animals.

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E/V Nautilus
Marine Species News

E/V Nautilus Discovers Deep-Sea Purple Orb

Last week, the deep-sea exploration team aboard the E/V Nautilus brought the world’s cutest squid to our attention. What have they found now?

Air Consumption When Scuba Diving
In the Water Training

Addressing Poor Air Consumption When Scuba Diving: Part II

Some divers seem never to run low on air, while others struggle to stay down for 30 minutes. In this four-part series we’ll address how to fix poor air consumption.

Burpees for Scuba Divers
Health Training

Burpees for Scuba Divers

Although burpees aren’t anyone’s favorite exercise (are they anyone’s favorite exercise??), incorporating them into a dive-fitness routine can offer a quick total-body workout.

IUCN Red List Reclassifies Whale Sharks
Conservation Marine Species News

IUCN Red List Reclassifies Whale Sharks as Endangered

Although seeing a whale shark in the wild is on the bucket list for many divers and snorkelers, our chances to do so may be dwindling.