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Newborn and Mother Grey Whale

A very curious newborn grey whale checks out a nearby boat while mom guides it along.

Life Under the Ice

Enjoy a rarely seen glimpse of life under a few feet ice in Antarctica's waters

Amazing Rare Footage of Omura's whale

One of the least seen and studied whales in the world has been captured again with some amazing drone footage by Alex Lindbloom. Check out this video to watch this rarely-seen whale feeding.

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Tracey Jennings
Photo & Video In the Water

Photographer Spotlight: Tracey Jennings

In a new series of articles, we’ll shine a spotlight on some of the world’s best underwater photographers, from the famous to the unknown, as well as offering tips for you to capture some stunning underwater photos of your own.

Best Dive Sites in the Florida Keys
Travel Dive Locations In the Water

The Best Dive Sites in the Florida Keys

Whether you seek colorful reefs teeming with life or the iconic wrecks of the Shipwreck Trail, the best dive sites in the Florida Keys have something for every diver.

Training In the Water

Five Bad Scuba Diving Habits

We all get complacent when it comes to diving, but we shouldn’t. Here are five of the worst scuba diving habits you should avoid.

technical diving in Vanuatu
Tec Diving Wrecks Travel In the Water

Technical Diving in Vanuatu

Whether you’d like to learn or you’ve been diving this way for a while, the world of technical diving in Vanuatu has something for everyone.